Gilead trash reports saying clinical trials with coronavirus flopped

The experimental coronavirus vaccine of Gilead Sciences Inc. failed its first randomized clinical trial, announced on April 23, 2020, but the drugmaker said the findings of the test in China were inconclusive as it was completed early. Gilead's stock dropped almost 6% to $76.56, which comes days after a new study documenting the rapid recovery of fever and respiratory symptoms in COVID-19 patients at the University of Chicago Medicine Hospital.

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UK COVID-19 vaccine to begin testing for humans

This week, as clinical trials on humans were approved in Germany and launched in the UK, the race to produce an effective vaccine against the novel coronavirus has gathered momentum. While about 150 research projects are now being implemented worldwide, the German and British plans are among only five human clinical trials approved worldwide.

COVID-19 vaccine testing for humans

FDA greenlights first Covid-19 test with sample set at home

The diagnostic authorization — developed by testing giant LabCorp — marks the first time the agency has cleared up a Covid-19 at-home test and ends weeks of back-and-forth between the agency and companies who have tried to produce their own versions of the tests that would allow at-home sampling.

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